Eco Forest School

We are Forest School Collective that aims to provide appropriate place based Forest School Training

In our collaborative courses you will learn about the history and culture of the land from the people who live it

Our Model

We follow an ecological model of Forest School. We follow five principles which are consistent with Western Sustainability principles, Forest School Association Principles and Anishinaabe ways of being

The Eco Forest School Principles ©

  1. Outdoors is integral to Eco Forest School
  2. The Eco Forest School learning environment is responsive to change
  3. The Eco Forest School has a focus on long term relationships with facilitator, learners, parents and environment
  4. The Eco Forest School learning is student centered
  5. The Eco Forest School uses cyclical learning

Our Collaborators

Our collaborators are all different, with diverse skills, knowledge and backgrounds from but what is consistent is that all of them committed to culturally appropriate place based learning.

Eco Forest School Training
O-Gikendaan (Individual course for non native or Individual course for Indigenous)

6 motnhs – 1 year

Eco Forest School Training
Giiwekii (Anishinaabek community involvement)

1 week intensive

Eco Forest School Training

To Be Announced

1 hour – 1 day

For more info on the pedagogy of the eco forest school model, please visit our blog.

Eco Forest School Model

Based on a forest kindergarten and forest school founded in 2012 and grown with the the guidance of decolonization principles and understandings of Anishinaabek who have been involved as traditional academics, elders, knowledge keepers and friends.

Do you have questions about our forest school model?